Mobile Hospital

The mobile hospital is another excellent feature with two mobile ambulances. These vehicles operate on a fixed schedule in different parts of Uttarkashi, with a team of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and equipment, treating patients in the daytime and coming back to the ashram in the evenings. This mobile hospital is a great help for the hundreds those who are not able to come to the main hospital and live in the mountain peaks and dense forest villages where the government cannot supply enough medical help. This service was very much appreciated in 2012 and 2013 with the Assiganga and Kedarnath disasters. In emergency cases local people come in the middle of the night to the ashram, where an ambulance can take them to hospitals in Dehradun or Rishikesh.

Health Care Camps

Every year the ashram conducts health care camps for general healthcare and eye care. Doctors from the USA and Uttarkashi hospital together run five or seven day eye-care camps. The most recent spectacles and medicine are brought from America and Germany and provided entirely free of cost to hundreds of patients. The last eye care camp was in 2013, with 1200 patients diagnosed, 60 major surgeries performed and 600 patients provided with spectacles. During this time the ashram provides food and accommodation for patients coming from distant villages. The general health care camps are organized by doctors from various parts of India who are long-time devotees of swami Chidananda and Swami Premananda. Each year, they give their precious time and service, providing medicine as needed. These camps benefit nearly two thousand people each year.

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