Trekking to Himalayas

Uttarkashi is a halting place from which you can reach at least 6-7 peaks suitable for trekking. You must request permission from the tourist board before you go. Equipment rental is available and a local guide is a requirement. You cannot go alone.

If you are staying at the Ashram whilst planning a Trekking trip, kindly take permission from Swami Premananda before making such plans. The Ashram will provide valuable information regarding this. Please note that neither the Ashram nor Swami Premananda is liable for any damages to equipment or yourself.

How to get here

The ashram is situated in a north Indian state call Uttarakhand (U.K.), in the valleys of Himalayas. Uttarkashi is one of the districts of Uttarakhand state. It is 200 kilometers from Dehradun (the capital of U.K.) and 180 kilometers from Rishikesh. In the mountains of uttarakhand there is no train or flight facilities but there are plenty of buses and jeeps and cars.

Trekking to Himalayas


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