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Annadanam (Free food distribution)

Category: Essential

The Samiti provides a helping hand to the needy underprivileged people, including wandering sadhus and pilgrims in the region, in the form of ration money, daily needs, etc. As a daily routine, free food facility of breakfast with tea, lunch and dinner is provided in the Annapurna Hall to everybody, which includes guests, visitors, hospital patients, sadhus and whosoever is present in the Ashram. One of the key services of Swami Sivanand Seva Samiti is to provide facilities to the wandering sadhaks, pilgrims and the needy unprivileged people living in Uttarkashi’s hilly villages. This service includes and is not restricted to the following:

Free food distribution

Free clothes and blankets distribution

Financial aid for the construction and repair of huts for the homeless

Financial support for marriages to needy poor families

Support to needy senior citizens of villages.