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Daily Bhajan & Kirtan

Category: Spiritual

Ever-grateful, for the opportunity to experience this blessed existence. Ashram personnel conduct a daily bhajan programme, to sing the glories of The Lord. Through such devotional classics as; Sri Shiva Nirajanan, Siva Mahimnah Stotram, Sri Shiva Aarati and Hanuman Chaalisa, amongst others. Come find your voice or just sit and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds! Staring at 5:30pm, within the Ashram’s dedicated Bhajan Hall. A welcoming conducive environment is created, to collectively express appreciation for The Divine; Give thanks for the wonderful moments shared amongst fellow devotees amid lively melodies; And, learn a variety of spiritually beneficial, enlightening hymns, to enhance the meditative sound of the self. Saturday’s Bhajan programme commences earlier than other days, at 4pm, for our Sundarkand reading. Our Resident Pandits revel in the occasion to recite portions of the Ramayana Classic and appreciate every person who joins them in praise. During special events and auspicious times various respective bhajans and Kirtans may be held also.