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What is the spirit of real religion?

Apr 16, 2021

By religion it is not meant the institutional religions, because that again has created many dissensions, riots and wars. In the institutional religion, the real ideal of the religion is forgotten, the spirit of religion is lost and only a poor external structure remains, from which the great religion is lost.

Be pure. Be humble. Do selfless service. Let the welfare of ‘the other man’ be your first concern. If you want to make life happy and comfortable for yourself, try to make life comfortable and happy for others.

If you want to get honour, give honour. Do not give pain or dishonour to others. Regard others as your own self.

The common consciousness that enlightens all souls is one. This is the Truth which is Eternal—which can never change. Therefore, unity based on this consciousness alone can be real and lasting. The awakening of this consciousness is the purpose of all religions. This is the pure spirit of religion.

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